Elsa Perdomo Guevara

PdD student in Psychology for Musicians

Master in Psychology for Musicians

BA in Psychology

3ème Cycle at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris

1st Prize of Piano and 1st Prize of Chamber Music at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris


A comprehensive approach to music performance

"My aim is to help performers reach the full development of their artistic, musical, and professional potential, while preserving the pleasure in making music and sharing it whith others"


Accorder's mission is to
    harmonise or attune the performer as a prerequisite to any musical accomplishment;
    help bring about an "agreement" between the performer and the instrument;
    "grant" the performer the right to his or her individuality.

A project that is a fusion between art, science and the human being

Accorder deals with musical and artistic work from a cross-disciplinary perspective, incorporating scientific research conclusions from Psychology and Education into the technical and musical knowledge sphere.

This perspective promotes artistic and professional development within the framework of personal growth.


Next workshop:

Madrid, nov-dic 2010

Emotional intelligence for the performance arts


Survey to performers