Coaching sessions for performers

Aimed at musical performers in all instruments. May be individual or in groups.

Regular group workshops. Upcoming courses

Mental Preparation for Public Performance

Releasing Technical and Performance Potential

Optimizing Conscious and Unconscious Processes

Counseling and Support to Performers


Psychological preparation for performers

As performers, we know that mastering the instrument is absolutely necessary in order to use it most effectively. We also know that an intelligent technique is based on knowing the potential of, and demands made of, our muscular system.

We are also convinced that to soundly memorize a piece we need to know and understand its structure.

But what do we know about our emotional processes? How about our knowledge and understanding of our mental processes?
And what about the effect that these processes have on our profession as performers?

Being a performer requires that we give our best at each moment.
Musicians do not have the guide and support of a coach that athletes receive, for very similar requirements.

I therefore believe that we too need guidance and tools that help us expand our boundaries.
This is one of the most significant contributions that the psychology of music offers performers.

From reading a new piece, through its full internalisation and interpretation, to its public performance, cognitive and emotional processes have a fundamental role. This being so, do we take charge of them in the most intelligent way possible to help us reach our goals?

Sometimes we are surprised by how little we know about ourselves and by how we leave to chance the factors that are most relevant to our success and happiness.

Not possessing the knowledge or understanding places us firmly in the role of victims of situations or vis-a-vis our own processes. On the other hand, having the knowledge and understanding allows us to act with effectiveness and a purpose.

Success in reaching our goals depends to a great extent on the excellent use of our mental resources. The area of psychological research devoted to performing musicians aims to provide them with scientifically tested tools that facilitate and optimize their professional activity.