Individual Lessons

Specialized Courses in Piano Technique

Mastering instrumental technique is absolutely necessary for all artistic interpretation.

A good technique is obtained through the intelligent use of our muscles and implies working on strenghtening them, making them more agile, more elastic and more resistant, in a sensible and efficient way that respects the musles' functioning principles.

Technical work, however, is much more than muscle training. It is also the search for the precise gesture, the gesture where muscle tone is perfectly fit for each passage. This requires focus, listening, observation, thinking and creativity. It requires a good distribution of resources between the processes taken into account by the conscious mind and those we assign to unconscious and automatic processes. It also requires good working methods.

Good piano technique may not be conceived without taking into consideration the mental processes that go with it.

The interdependence of emotional and physical factors should not be ignored either. Excessive muscle tension, lack of expressivity and technical difficulties are often problems that may be easily solved by changing the inner discourses and images that caused them.

I propose an integral approach to piano technique, based on physical, mental and emotional training. This perspective corrects the problems caused by a technical work that does not consider human beings as a whole entity and thus ignores essential success factors.

Message to Young Piano Players

Message to Those Who Haven't Started Yet