Proposal for musical instruction institutions and music teachers' schools:

Accorder proposes a wide variety of courses, preparation sessions, seminars, workshops and conferences to help performers, both soloists and members of bands or orchestras, in all aspects of their artistic and professional development.


Einstein's Help to Performers
Creativity in instrumental work.

Psychology of Musical Performance
Its Contribution to Performers and Music Teachers

The Role of Parents in Musical Learning
Aimed at parents.

Workshops aimed at performers and instrument instructors

Current proposed topics include:

Emotional intelligence for music and performing arts (For performers)

Stage Fright Deconstruction Workshop (For performers)

Helping Music Students to Overcome Stage Fright (For instructors)

Listening to the Body and Instrumental Technique Optimisation (For performers and instructors)

Training the Performer from the very first class. Helping Instrumental, Artistic and Human Development (For instructors)

How to Become Better Interpreters. The Art of Studying (For performers)

The theoretical framework of each program is based on the results of research in psychology of music and performers.

All workshops include significant practical content and require the active participation of all members in both exercises and simulations. The number of participants is therefore limited. Duration and practice modalities for each of the workshops are to be agreed with the institutions according to their goals and possibilities.
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